Tips To Ensure Your Partner’S Pleasure During Oral Sex

Oral sex is a very important part of any couple’s sexual relationship. Statistics show that oral sex can help women achieve orgasm faster as compared to the traditional sex. And men are not left behind either since excitement from oral sex drives them crazy within a few minutes. However, there can be challenges associated with oral sex. Some partners are shy about the idea of having oral sex. Both partners should talk about it and agree on how to go about it.

To get started on oral sex, you should consider a few tips. The tips include:

Genital kissing

Genital kissing will work magic for ladies and men too. For ladies, start from kissing her lips. Then kiss her neck before proceeding to the breasts. Play with the nipples till she gets excited. Proceed to kiss her belly as you touch her thighs gently. Proceed to kiss her knees as you move gently to the thighs. Kiss the inner part of the thighs continuously while making gentle touches to her vagina. Proceed to kiss the vagina and open it up. Kiss her continuously until you feel that she is weak. Move your tongue it in deep and shallow strokes till she achieves her orgasm. For men, kiss his dick dwelling more on the head which has more sensitive glands. Then move on to insertion of his dick into your mouth.

Tongue insertion

Tongue insertion will give your lady a mind-blowing experience. Start by kissing her genitals and then proceed to major on her vagina. Use your tongue to open the lips. Do it gently as this area is sensitive and has glands that make a lady easily aroused. You’re your tongue tip initially making insertions, like you would with your cock. Proceed to use the blade of your tongue to make deeper penetrations. Move the tongue in and out in a gradual motion before proceeding to make fast strokes. With this technique, your lady will get her orgasm very fast.

Deep Throat

Nothing arouses men more than having a woman take his cock as deep as she can into her mouth and throat. Now this technique does take some practice, but just make sure that you open your mouth as wide as possible and stick out your tongue as you suck his cock so that you can take is deep in your mouth.

Oral sex is an essential part of making love among partners. Learn how to do it and keep the spice in your sex life with your partner.

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