London escorts vs London Sugar Babes

Did you know that the website Seeking Arrangements now has over 9 million members all across the world? Some may not even have heard of the site, but if you are a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy, you are bound to have heard of it. I have not tried it myself but I do know that a couple of girls at London escorts have tried the site. Did they like it? In fact, some of the girls I work with at London escorts really like it.


What is the difference between London escorts and Sugar Babes in London? Initially it may not sound like there is a lot of difference between escorts in London and Sugar Babes in London, but there is a big difference. Girls who work for escort agencies in London are all professionals, and girls who sign up for Sugar Daddy websites, are just doing for some fun or extra cash. When my friends at the escorts agency signed up and went on dates, none of them were offered cash at any point. Most of the time they were given a gift or just a night out.


Of course, I am sure that there are some Sugar Babes who have financial arrangements with their Sugar Daddies. It applies many to girls who are students or single moms in London. Often you will find that both students ans single moms need some extra money, and don’t really have time to join a London escorts service and work full-time. Escorts in London often work in shifts and that is something you will not find Sugar Babes doing. They will put in an hour or two to an agreed schedule. It could be something as simple as a diner date or going shopping.


Are Sugar Babes a threat to London escorts? When I first heard about Sugar Babes in London, I thought that they may be a threat to us. On occasion a gent who dates London escorts may hook up with a Sugar Babe and look after her for a little while. However, most of the time, the gents who are into dating escorts in London, are not into Sugar Babes. I have met a couple of gents who have dated Sugar Babes, and they say it is a totally different experience.


The problem with Sugar Babes in London is that the girls don’t have a set fee. Instead of telling a gent how much they charge per hour for companionship, they often want gents to set up a “contract” with them. This means they will have access to their Sugar Babe for a certain amount of time. It can be two or three hours during the week. A Sugar Daddy then asks his Sugar Babe what she would like for her troubles. Most of the time it will be something like a perfume or something similar. I am not sure how that works out. A perfume can cost about £50, but if you spend three hours with Sugar Daddy, I can’t really see how this would be profitable.  I think I will stick to working for London escorts.

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